Friday, April 3, 2009


It was a very long night fraught with bad dreams, no pillow (I gave it
to David) and now I missed going to Dean's for breakfast. It looked
dark and dirty, but the food is supposed to be very good. We are at
Denny's. It's ok, but I like to stop at local places when I travel.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


We thought we would never find some food. It was a long stretch from
the time we entered TX until we reached Amarillo. We just ate at the
first place we came to...Chicken Express. It was ok and fast and
cheap. The photo is outside the restaurant.

Zoomig along on Route 66

Windy OK

I'm tired and I've only driven 188 miles. it is so windy in Oklahoma
the birds don't seem to make any headway but the wind turbines do


Lunch break. It's one break after another. You need as many breaks as
you can get when you are traveling through the heartland of the USA,
although the 'amber waves of grain' swaying in the wind are very
lovely. Unfortunately, there are no amber waves of grain yet.

First Stop

10:20: first rest stop

At this rate, it will take us 12 hours to get to Tucumcari!!I

On The Road Again!

Woohoo! We're on the road to Ruidosa, NM!! We left at 9:15 am. We were
trying to get away earlier, but as usual, we frittered our time away.

Why do we always leave in the rain? Is KC sad to see us go? :) it's
gloomy and gray and wet. I hope I can find something interesting to
photograph, otherwise, this day is going to be long. It's a good 10
hours to Tucumcari!! At least the music is good! TURN IT UP DAVID!!!

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