Thursday, October 29, 2009

11th Day

It's the 11th day of my recovery and today I feel strange, like I have
just awakened from a deep sleep. Since I still don't sleep well, why
do I feel this way? I miss my photography and editing sessions!! Now
I see all the missed opportunities. I have been so blind!

It is gloomy and rainy outside and rather cool in the house this
morning. David is up and was sweet to bring my coffee. That first cup
of coffee in the morning is always the most satisfying. It's when you
can taste the chocolate, or syrup sweetness of the coffee on your
tongue. The best. I try to always have my first cup with real cream,
half and half is all right for later, but that first cup needs the
finest accompaniment....real cream.

I left my bed this morning feeling achy and not quite stable on my
feet. Thank goodness for my walker. I made coffee and opened my
computer, checked my email, facebook.....all those things I normally
do first thing in the morning, but then, I suddenly realized I didn't
know what I was going to do next. I'm housebound for the next few
weeks and I had nothing to work on, nothing! I can't do all the chores
I used to try to find ways to avoid and I don't feel like doing much
of anything, knowing that physical therapy will start up pretty soon.
Generally, when I feel like this, I will get my computer and edit a
few photos, now it is difficult to do this because it hurts to have my
computer in my lap. I sure miss photography. I like to have photos,
lots of photos, but this time I have picked just one that pretty much
describes me...a little worn and needing repair! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's bowling league day, the 8th day after my knee surgery, and I'm
wondering what this day will bring (as far as pain). Yesterday, I had
a hard workout with the physical therapist. There was one exercise she
added that I simply could not do. It's called the bridge and I think
my bridge is broken. :) Every time I tried to do it, my calf and back
thigh muscles would cramp. It's been too long since I have used these
Sleeping last night was difficult. I could not find a comfortable
position and my pain pills made me thirsty, which made me have to go to
the bathroom. One good thing about this, I'm finally, fully, hydrated!
My schedule: take my pain medication with water, lie down, just get
comfortable, get up and go to the bathroom, drink water before
climbing back into bed because now I'm thirsty, lie down, flip flop
around trying to get comfortable, just get comfortable, have to get up
to go to the bathroom.....and so on until time to take pain
medication, then repeat cycle.
If today runs like those in the past, it should be a good day. I
usually have a good day, then a bad day with little sleep, then a good
day. I will know when I am really on the road to recovery when I sleep
a full 4 hours without a pit stop.
I know David wants me to be able to bowl, but it isn't going to happen

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Again

Home again and unwinding! My bed felt so good last night. It doesn't
matter how good the beds are in the hotels/condos/motels we stay at
while traveling, there is no bed better than my own.

We put away all the items needing refrigeration and those going to the
pantry, unloaded suitcases and put the dirty clothes in the laundry
room. Today will be spent doing the laundry and making sure everything
is in good order, grocery shopping, and planning next year's return
trip to the Tetons. I miss the views of the mountains. It feels colder
here in Kansas City than it did in the mountains. Why?

I better get started with my to do list before it is afternoon and I
have accomplished nothing!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

David and I have had a wonderful stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I hate to leave, it is so beautiful; but we have to go home. I will take many memories with me, and lots of photos to carry me over to our return trip, hopefully, next year!

We took our last drive to our favorite spot, Jenny Lake. I will miss the quiet and peaceful serenity of the lake. Oh, to have this in my neck of the woods.

It's really hard to say good-bye.

We have explored the area from the Maude Noble Cabin...

to Jenny's Lake in the snow....

to Signal Mountain....

to Coulter Bay....

and to Gros Ventre (pronounced Grow Vaunt)....

Some would think the snowfall would mar our vacation, but that was not so. If anything, the snow added a new dimension to the Tetons and the park. I am so glad we came this week and I can't wait to come again.

Hurry up next year!!

Mule Deer and Bears and Moose, Oh My!!

The last few days we have seen a lot of wildlife and it has been fun taking photos of everything we've seen. The hard part is selecting the photos to put out here on my blog.

I've seen mama bears.....

and baby bears.....

mama moose.....

and baby moose.

Every day we have seen elk and mule deer but never took photos. Since we are leaving tomorrow, we decided to take a few photos. I think the mule deer are pretty and they always look so inquisitive....

But when they have checked you out completely and don't view you as a threat, they let you know in no uncertain terms.....

The elk always have several individuals keeping watch....

and the bull is ready to lead them away from danger when necessary

All the animals are beautiful and free. I hope they always stay that way!

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park

My Mother has told me a number of times that I did visit Yellowstone. Of course, she then told me I was a baby. So, the park was all new to me. I had seen photos and videos, but the reality is something altogether different. Since there have been so many photos of the geysers and mud pots, I wanted to show some different scenes, Yellowstone the way I will remember it.

One of my favorite shots is one of David walking on the boardwalk. I always seemed to capture him in the steam and mist of the geysers. I like that.

Do I remember the names of the geysers we visited? No, I don't, but I will always remember the look and smell and feel of the geysers, and their beauty.

I wish I could have had more time to really look at the different sites, but we had set our sights on what we wanted to see with the thought that we would come back and spend a week in Yellowstone....and that is probably not enough.

It was very windy the day we were in Yellowstone, and the clouds of vapor enveloped us in dampness and sulfurous odors. I don't think I will have hard boiled eggs for quite a while.

It's not just the power and beauty of the geysers that are appealing to the eye. The different areas have different attractions and you can pick and choose what is interesting to you.

David and I plan to go to Yellowstone next year. Meanwhile, I have my photos to remind me of this latest trip to one of our nation's great parks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On The Way to Yellowstone National Park

I haven't made any blog entries on this trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Parks. I think I have just been overwhelmed by the beauty of these two parks, plus I have so many photos I just haven't been able to narrow my choices down to 3 or 4 per post.... that is, until today.

David and I started out for Yellowstone on a different road than we have been traveling visiting areas in Jackson Hole. We came over a rise and saw a peak rising above the clouds. Before I could get my camera ready, the clouds were starting to rise and cover the top. David got two photos and I got this one.

Another reason for taking this route was to get closer to the Snake River.

When we came to the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River, I had to take more photos.

We plan to go back to this area tomorrow, but today we are on to Yellowstone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A lovely view.

This was taken with my iPhone today. Now I wish I had taken out my Canon 5D Mark II to take the photo, but we had just gotten to Jackson, Wyoming, we were tired and we still had the Nature Center near Moose, WY to visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photo. I love it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We thought we were going to finally get some sunshine when we got to
Iowa, but the further we went, the darker it got, until,,,,,,voilà RAIN

Help I'm starting to sprout feathers! I think I'm turning into a duck!!

First rest stop!

We made it to Mound City, so David is entitled to a rest ATP

Leaving Kansas City!

We are on our way to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and, as
usual, it is raining. Well, it's a tradition now!!