Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's bowling league day, the 8th day after my knee surgery, and I'm
wondering what this day will bring (as far as pain). Yesterday, I had
a hard workout with the physical therapist. There was one exercise she
added that I simply could not do. It's called the bridge and I think
my bridge is broken. :) Every time I tried to do it, my calf and back
thigh muscles would cramp. It's been too long since I have used these
Sleeping last night was difficult. I could not find a comfortable
position and my pain pills made me thirsty, which made me have to go to
the bathroom. One good thing about this, I'm finally, fully, hydrated!
My schedule: take my pain medication with water, lie down, just get
comfortable, get up and go to the bathroom, drink water before
climbing back into bed because now I'm thirsty, lie down, flip flop
around trying to get comfortable, just get comfortable, have to get up
to go to the bathroom.....and so on until time to take pain
medication, then repeat cycle.
If today runs like those in the past, it should be a good day. I
usually have a good day, then a bad day with little sleep, then a good
day. I will know when I am really on the road to recovery when I sleep
a full 4 hours without a pit stop.
I know David wants me to be able to bowl, but it isn't going to happen


  1. Did bowling bother your knee before surgery? If so, then maybe you will be an even better bowler when you heal!

  2. JoAn, bowling and just about everything else physical like walking or anything that kept me on my feet left me terribly sore and unable to do anything the next day.

    Today is a better day!