Thursday, October 29, 2009

11th Day

It's the 11th day of my recovery and today I feel strange, like I have
just awakened from a deep sleep. Since I still don't sleep well, why
do I feel this way? I miss my photography and editing sessions!! Now
I see all the missed opportunities. I have been so blind!

It is gloomy and rainy outside and rather cool in the house this
morning. David is up and was sweet to bring my coffee. That first cup
of coffee in the morning is always the most satisfying. It's when you
can taste the chocolate, or syrup sweetness of the coffee on your
tongue. The best. I try to always have my first cup with real cream,
half and half is all right for later, but that first cup needs the
finest accompaniment....real cream.

I left my bed this morning feeling achy and not quite stable on my
feet. Thank goodness for my walker. I made coffee and opened my
computer, checked my email, facebook.....all those things I normally
do first thing in the morning, but then, I suddenly realized I didn't
know what I was going to do next. I'm housebound for the next few
weeks and I had nothing to work on, nothing! I can't do all the chores
I used to try to find ways to avoid and I don't feel like doing much
of anything, knowing that physical therapy will start up pretty soon.
Generally, when I feel like this, I will get my computer and edit a
few photos, now it is difficult to do this because it hurts to have my
computer in my lap. I sure miss photography. I like to have photos,
lots of photos, but this time I have picked just one that pretty much
describes me...a little worn and needing repair! :)


  1. I know it's tough right now. Remember when I was laid up for 5 weeks because of my foot? I know exactly how you feel. It's difficult, but just keep in mind how much better things are going to be when this is all over. It will be worth it in the long run. Just take it a day at a time and know each day that you are one day closer to a whole lot less pain in your life.

  2. I know, but I hate that you have to wait on me so much. I think you should go play golf as soon as the weather is nice enough. You need to get away from here as much as possible so you don't go stir crazy! Maybe YOU can take some photos and I can edit them! :)