Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park

My Mother has told me a number of times that I did visit Yellowstone. Of course, she then told me I was a baby. So, the park was all new to me. I had seen photos and videos, but the reality is something altogether different. Since there have been so many photos of the geysers and mud pots, I wanted to show some different scenes, Yellowstone the way I will remember it.

One of my favorite shots is one of David walking on the boardwalk. I always seemed to capture him in the steam and mist of the geysers. I like that.

Do I remember the names of the geysers we visited? No, I don't, but I will always remember the look and smell and feel of the geysers, and their beauty.

I wish I could have had more time to really look at the different sites, but we had set our sights on what we wanted to see with the thought that we would come back and spend a week in Yellowstone....and that is probably not enough.

It was very windy the day we were in Yellowstone, and the clouds of vapor enveloped us in dampness and sulfurous odors. I don't think I will have hard boiled eggs for quite a while.

It's not just the power and beauty of the geysers that are appealing to the eye. The different areas have different attractions and you can pick and choose what is interesting to you.

David and I plan to go to Yellowstone next year. Meanwhile, I have my photos to remind me of this latest trip to one of our nation's great parks.

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  1. Beautiful colors and textures Norine - you've really captured the feel - I also like the added appeal (that I've never seen) of the snow on the boardwalks!