Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up - Steamboat Springs

When David and I headed off to New Mexico, I was so energized and anxious to blog every day, but on this last trip to Steamboat Springs I just couldn't. What was keeping me from posting?? We were on our way to a beautiful locale with our very good friends, Marti and Chuck, I was going to see my son in Denver, we were taking the truck for another road trip (the truck likes to go on road trips), what was wrong?? I don't have a clue! So, now I have to reconstruct the trip in one blog.

We left Kansas City on Friday, May 1st (May Day). It was early and cold and dreary with a look of rain, which wasn't unusual because we normally leave on trips during a rainstorm. We met our friends at the Lawrence rest area on the Kansas turnpike, had breakfast and then hit the road again. Did I take a photo? No, David did though. I wonder if I can steal, it's his, not mine.We made it to Denver around 3:30pm. Unfortunately, we didn't heed the Nuvi and ran into a lot of traffic,

but we did see Invesco Field.

You can see our companions in our side mirror faithfully following along.

We spent the night in Denver and headed out to the Springs early the next morning. On the way to Dillon, we ran through some snow. I've always liked the drive to Dillon.

There's an excellent animal viewing platform outside of Dillon, but we didn't really have time to spend there. This area is really beautiful, but the weather was not conducive to wandering around. It was wet and cold and the wind was fierce.

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