Monday, August 17, 2009

A Fast Trip to Bennett Springs State Park

We just got home from an overnight stay at Bennett Springs Park and all I want to do is relax and unwind, but I have photos, lots of photos to get ready for posting here and Facebook, or for printing.

We had a good time at the park, but our bed was not the best and we both awakened with sore backs, knees, heads, you name, it is sore! David even developed a sore heel. The next time we visit, we will take our home on wheels...the trailer. That way we will watch what we eat, we will have a comfortable bed and we will still be in pleasant surroundings.

Sunday: August 16, 2009:

Bennett Springs State Park surrounds the spring that supplies water to the Niangua river and is mainly geared to trout fisherman. The park has a trout hatchery and regulates the trout fishing. It was fun watching everyone line up to fish and the rain didn't bother them at all.

The surroundings are so pretty and getting close to dusk, the mist rolled in and we had to watch out for moisture on our lenses. All in all, we had a very good trip and can't wait to go back.

I wish I could cast a line like these guys! David and I plan to take a fly-fishing lesson or two. Maybe will even catch a fish.

Monday, August 17, 2009:

We got up early this morning and headed for the river to set up our cameras for early morning (before sunrise) photos. We weren't ready for the mist and our lenses immediately fogged over. We had to wait until the lenses cleared up before we could take photos. FACT: very cold water and warm air = mist. We will remember this in the future. We did finally get a few photos before leaving the park.

I was getting ready to head for the car when I turned around and saw the reeds through the mist.

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  1. Very nice! It was a fun trip, even though short.