Friday, December 4, 2009

The Eagles Have Landed

Every year in December, Bald Eagles come to Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge to feed. This year is no exception. The most recent count shows 58 eagles on hand at the refuge. I have never seen an eagle in real life, just in photos, and I wasn't anticipating seeing any this trip. Things  like that just don't happen for me. But, I had a happy surprise. I saw quite a few, male and female. It was very exciting and I want to go back next week. We were able to get quite a few shots of this handsome guy. I think he is very regal!

It was truly a day for the birds, or should I say geese. Over 100,000 geese and mallard ducks will make an appearance.

We were fortunate to see a splendid cardinal and at least 5 pheasant that flew across the road in front of us, too quickly to get a photo. They are splendid fowl with beautiful plumage.

Squaw Creek is a very peaceful place, very relaxing. I could go back and will go back as often as possible.

It was around 29〫but felt much colder. I actually felt colder at Squaw Creek than I did in the Grand Tetons in October. Parts of the water area are already skimmed with ice. Rather a surreal setting, but beautiful. We left before they closed the gates and headed home. I do hope we can go back next week and maybe get more photos of the eagles.


  1. It was fun and I was pleasantly surprised to see the eagles too. I was hoping we'd see at least one, and was really happy that we got to see so many. We need to go back and try to catch them in flight!

  2. How neat there are so many eagles there -- as well as all the other birds! Love the red cardinal and the photo of the multitude of geese in flight, too. (That eagle with the bristly hair cracks me up!) Hope y'all are staying warm!

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