Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New High Bowling Score

It's Tuesday, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day!! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! It's also the day we bowl in our Golden Oldies league.

My first game was pitiful, a lowly 105. When I rolled my ball like I normally do, it would slide right off the lane. What was I going to do??? I didn't know where to stand or where to aim. I tried everything I could think of.

I was ready to quit, fake an injury, throw up...whatever. I just wanted to leave. I told myself, "I'm wearing green, I look ghastly in green". David called me Kermit!! But I had to stay. My second game didn't start off very well, so I decided I had better do something drastic. I was NOT going to bowl as badly as I did the first game. I decided to move over to the spot I use to line up for picking up the 10 pin. I thought this might be good since I have trouble picking up 10 pin spares...my ball gets close and then just hooks away. So, maybe it would curve back close to the pocket, if not into the pocket. And, voila, it worked. I ended up with a 204 in the second game.

Now for the third. Was my bright idea going to work for the third game. YES!! it worked. I ended up with a 231!! My highest game ever. I'll probably never bowl this much again, but it was nice while it lasted!!

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  1. Congratulations! Not only that, you have high women's score and high women's handicap score for the league now!!! Five strikes in a row in the second game (shoulda been seven) and two turkeys in the third game. Great job!!! Sorry I forgot to get an iPhone photo of the score. You'll just have to go out and beat that score so I can get the photo!