Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Evening with Friends

David and I shared a delightful evening with friends, Steve and Lynne Bourn. Steve and Lynne are lots of fun and I hope we do something like this again.

We walked through the Art Fair and I found some photos and art work I liked very much, but David and I have quite a few photos that we have taken but never enlarged and framed. Why would I put up something that someone else had taken when I have something similar or better. David takes such beautiful photos and one of my number one projects (you can have more than one number one, right??) is to get them hanging on our walls.

There was a concert going on this evening, the Liverpool Beatles Tribute Band, and there were quite a lot of people attending.

You could bring your own chairs (which we happened to have in the car), sit on the grass, or you could sit on the walls and steps around the main courtyard in front of Bravo restaurant.

The band was entertaining and everyone was having a good time...

some more than others. :)

I enjoy watching people just let go and have a great time! No pretense, no hesitation, just let the music take you and get you moving. Age makes no difference. To dance with abandon in front of a bunch of strangers....that must feel wonderful and so confident. I have to say, I admire this man. He is doing what I dare not, even though I would like to at times.

During a break, we went to Tomfoolery's for a drink and ended up just staying there waiting for the second happy hour that started at 9:00pm. David and I had eaten a hearty lunch and weren't hungry at 6:00pm, but when it got to be 9:00 we were ready for some food. It was good food at a good price!

What a great night: good entertainment, good food, good weather, good friends. What more could you ask for?

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