Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mountain View and Calico Rock, AR

Time to write about yesterday's trip to Mountain View and Calico Rock, AR. I know I should post on the same day as the trip, but David had trouble with his computer and the air card. It's frustrating to have photos you want to post and your internet just won't coorperate.

The day started with pouring rain. What else? We always plan our trips to include rain. :) We waited it out and when the clouds lifted a little, we hopped in the car and took off. Our first stop was only about 25 miles or so from our condo, but the roads in this area of Arkansas have lots of tight turns and roller coaster hills. It is beautiful though.

Our first stop was Pepper Sauce.

This is an old ghost town behind Calico Rock. Pepper Sauce was very interesting and I wish we would have had better weather and could really get out and do some exploring. There is an area that looks like an industrial area, several old buildings and houses.......

another view....

and lots of "stuff" laying around (an old forklift, part of a car).

We did find some nice rental cabins up the hill, mountain, from Pepper Sauce with fantastic views of the countryside.

While in Calico Rock, we went down to the White River.

This river is a great place for fishermen. Lots of trout (some of the best trout fishing in the world), bass, catfish, walleye. You name it, it's probably in there. There was a huge bluff along the river but the trees were so close, it was difficult to really see the bluff.

Mountain View is a very nice town, clean and perky; not as big as Branson, MO, but it has lots of music and history. The musicians in Mountain View carry on the musical traditions of the past and teach others the true mountain music so that it will never be lost. We were not there at the right time of day to catch the music in the park and on the street, but there is always another day. If you want a hand made dulcimer, visit Mountain View and you can find one.

We made our way over to Blanchard Springs where I had a chance to use a remote on my camera.

It makes the water look soft and fluid...

I did get a few shots that I liked, but nothing fantastic...

I would like to have tried different lenses, like David did, but after perspiration dripped off my nose, I knew it was time for me to take a rest.

I watched David do his balletic moves, and that was entertainment enough.

Through the trees and over the bridge....just like a fairytale....

On the way home, we stopped a Mirror Lake. This was a nice spot and I would like to go back and spend more time here, maybe with a fishing pole!

We walked along the stream feeding into the lake and found an old mill....

The lakes and streams in the Ozarks are beautiful. If you like clear, cold water, this is the place to come. The Ozarks have some of the best canoeing rivers rated class one to the ultimate class five, the Cossatot. If you like spelunking, there are caves to be explored. There is so much to do here: hike, fish, canoe, kayak......you should never get bored (unless it rains...).

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