Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Place to Retire?

David and I awoke to dreary skies and more rain, but we were not going to let that deter us from seeing all we could see while we are in the Ozarks. Our trip today was to Cherokee Village, a retirement and resort area close to Ash Flat and Hardy. I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty and wealth of opportunity to fish, play golf, canoe, participate in arts and crafts...whatever you want to do. There aren't any high rises or outlet malls or Saks in this area, but then you don't really need them to live here. You are surrounded by beauty and if shopping is your thing, you shouldn't retire to this area.

There are a number of golf courses here, enough to keep you busy, if that is what you like. There's also tennis and swimming if that is more your style. I have come to the conclusion that people in the Ozarks like to bowl. We have found more bowling establishments than you would expect in such a small area. I wonder if they have senior leagues??:)

It started raining pretty hard and these golfers decided to come in. I don't blame them.

There are quite a few lakes in this retirement area and the homes around the lakes are nice and well kept. I can just see us on our pontoon out in the evening tooling along and meeting other owners for cocktail hour! Works for me!

I picked up several information sheets about homes for sale, but by the time I had picked up 4, I was soaked. We may try to make it back to Cherokee Village to find out more about the community.

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